Pajamas & Pillow Talk

Pajamas & Pillow Talk is a premier event, that is original in its creation, and is offered as an event and a private function.

The Event:

As an event, women are encouraged to wear pajamas and their favorite pair of socks in order to create an environment that is inviting, comfortable, safe, and free. Each event is catered and offers wine and dessert as a compliment. The duration of the event is 3 hours, offers self care items as part of preregistration, and features a specific talking point. Often times an additional speaker, artist, or community member is featured to give additional resources and information.

The Private Party:

As a party, The Owned Project will bring Pajamas & Pillow Talk to you and your guests. You can choose one of our talking points, self care items one per guest, and have a demonstration featuring adult toys if the occasion calls for it. Food, drinks, and additional speakers are not included.

For booking information please call Arelia at (713) 364-8859.


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