More than meets the eye

Arelia Johnson is the founder and creator of The Owned Project and holds both a MA in Sociology and BA in Psychology. She has presented at a number of conferences, lectured on university campuses, traveled as a performance poet, and been in education for 8 years. Now, as she pursues her PhD from Howard University, she is diligently working to publish another book, and complete research on body shaming, self-esteem, and gender.

As an undergraduate, Arelia competed and won several titles on the Texas Southern University Debate Team,  held a number of offices in the student government association, and became a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

Now, she has written a curriculum and presents information to women, families, and children that will ultimately be a life changing experience for those involved. A recent transient to the DMV area, Arelia is working to create and build relationships with both the public and private sectors in her mission to alter the way the world sees and interacts with women. If you would like to speak with Ms. Johnson, please call her at (713) 364-8859.


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