When Too Much is not Enough

I sat down to write to every sista that has faced a circumstance that left them questioning the very essence that makes you who you are.  This letter started out as a notion about know-nothing- do-nothing, lying-ass-lame-ass-bitch-made-niggas. But in thinking about them the notion made a full circle. I started thinking about us. NO ONE CAN DO TO YOU WHAT YOU DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO DO.

We live in a society that says “Lil sista you got too much. You have too much education, too many thoughts, too many lips, too many hips, too much color, too much time, too many children, and etc.” Well, Sis, I am here to tell you, you do have too much, but if you do not KNOW it and embrace it then your “too much” can become not enough. Did you catch that? Your “too much” can become not enough. I have too many kids, so I will never find a man. I have too many hips, and thighs, and lips, so let me starve not only my body, but my soul in seeking to fit someone else’s reflection of me.  I have too much attitude, so I must reduce myself or allow someone else to reduce me.  I have too much color (one way or another) and I want something that was not meant for me.

Sweet Sistas, we are more than enough, and love your “too much” so tough that the sista next to you will begin to loves her too.  So, tonight, today, this evening, or whenever, stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself, “I am more than enough and if that is too much for anyone else, then their issues with me are too much for me to entertain because I love me too much to alter what is not meant to be changed.”

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