The Owned Project, LLC offers a number of services for our clientele which include workshops, youth centered activities, and our premiere event Pajamas & Pillow Talk which is body centered.

Each of our target areas (sex, health, and wealth) receive the same amount of focus and planning as well as the academic resources to support our perspectives. Arelia Johnson, owner, has a background in education, psychology, and sociology.


We serve our children based on grade level: primary, middle school, and high school. Here, at The Owned Project, we take into account the psychosocial and emotional development of the child as they progress academically.

Our workshops, inclusive of safety, provide children with supportive means to progress in a world that is inundated with negative stereotypes.

We focus on building self-confidence through self-acceptance, self-love, and self-healing. Over the past two years, we have been able to provide academic counseling, group workshops, talks, and resources to hundreds of children across the Houston area.


We understand the challenges women face while balancing careers, school, family, ambition, and life altering decisions. The Owned Project explores the feminine struggle while encouraging women to create a life of passion, purpose, and perspective. As a result, we created, “Pajamas and Pillow Talk,” an event that caters to the needs of women by allowing them to be as expressive as they want to be in a SAFE space. No topic is too taboo.

The Owned Project’s domestic violence symposium  has been featured at Texas Southern University for the last two years. A host of dynamic speakers, instructors, and vendors come and share valuable information with women to prevent, inform, and aid those against the dangers of domestic violence.

Additionally, The Owned Project offers a series of workshops that were created to help women build and rebuild positive body image, self-confidence, and self-esteem. Women who participate in these events are able to safely and creatively walk through pain, confusion, and truth while being encouraged to provide nonjudgmental support of other women.


It is very important that the we take as much energy as possible to provide the family with support and positive programming. We encourage ALL types of families to participate in workshops, events, talks, and lectures as a unit in order to further the momentum of communities.

At no time do we judge familial makeup; our job is to ensure that we promote positive thinking, energy, and spaces that undergird the people that make the world better.