The Owned Project and What We Do

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The miracle is in the inquiry.

Obscurities punctuated by 16 bars of abstract creativity. There is the message and then there is the messenger. The only difference between the two is where they stand. As humans, we do not realize how the message receivers transmogrify the message to fit their realities. Thereby giving god a face and a genitalia that is…

When Too Much is not Enough

Sweet Sistas, we are more than enough, and love your “too much” so tough that the sista next to you will begin to love hers too.

Pajamas & Pillow Talk

Pajamas & Pillow Talk is a premier event, that is original in its creation, and is offered as an event and a private function.

Let’s Get Thick

Thick is also the featured text of the Let’s Get Thick workshop offered to women and girls of all ages.

What is an illusion?

The social construction of perfection is by far the greatest illusion fed to women across the globe.

More than meets the eye

Arelia Johnson is the founder and creator of The Owned Project and holds both a MA in Sociology and BA in Psychology.